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TASK 1 — раскройте скобки.

What is a smartphone with the (big) screen? It (be) Huawei Mate 20 with a 7’2 inches screen (18’2 cm). The size (be) 174,6/85,4/8,2 mm. You (believe) it? Wow! Great for a person who often (watch) videos and (play) games. I remember when I (have) my tiny phone 10 years ago. Huawei (sell) Mate 20 only in China now. But we (need) such a huge phone?


My puppy (be) very small, but I (adore) him so much! Every day we (play) different games and (run) in the park near my house. My parents (buy) me a puppy a month ago, and I (decide) to name him Roger. Roger (be) very shy at first, but now he (be) playful and brave. We usually (spend) much time together.


I (know) my colleague Peter since my first day at work. We (meet) in the office in June. I (be) a newcomer at that time, and Peter (help) me a lot. We never (argue) about anything so far, and he never (let me down). So I (be) always very grateful to him. Tomorrow at 5 p.m. we (visit) his sister’s birthday party.


The Great Dane is the (tall) dog in the world. Its height is up to 81 cm. But these dogs (be) usually very gentle and calm.  They (have) great muscles and (be) typically very strong. Unfortunately, a Great Dane usually (live) only about 8 years.


(high) temperature recorded on Earth is 56,7 C. According to World Meteorological Organization, it (be) recorded in 1913 in California. Scientists (think) it (be) the result of a sandstorm. (high) temperature in Africa was 55 C, in Asia it (be) 54 C, in South America 48 C. So, sometimes it (be) very hot on our planet!


How often you (stay) at the hotel? You usually (care) about the price? Let’s look at the (expensive) hotel room in the world! It (be) located in New York and called The Grand Penthouse. The room (have) 12 000 square feet of space. It (be) designed by Jacques Grande. You (try) to imagine it right now? So, it (consist) of 5 bedrooms, a library, a huge terrace and 2 bars. Anyone (want) to know the price? About 100 000 $ per night.


Now some food (become) very expensive. But what is the (expensive) food in the world? Well, it may be the Italian white alba truffle. People often (pay) so much for it because  it (be) a rare food. One truffle, which (weigh) 1, 5 kg, (be) sold for 160 000 $. Family from Hong Kong (pay) this price for a truffle. You (think) it’s delicious?


Ronaldo (be) a captain of Portugal National Football Team since 2008. He (be) born in February 1985. Now he (be) one of the highest-paid stars in football. His career (begin) in 1995, when he (sign) a contract with a local team Nacional. Later he (become) the first player from Portugal who played for Manchester United.


Yesterday I (get) so much homework at school that my head (begin) to ache. Usually I (not like) complaining but at the moment I (feel) really unlucky. I hope I (complete) my assignment by Monday evening. However, it (seem) obvious that I (not sleep) enough at least for a couple of nights! I (gather) information for my task all day yesterday.

TASK 10.

Yesterday was (good) day that I have ever had! A guy whom I fancy in our class told me that my figure became much (good) than before summer holidays! I (wait) for this compliment for such a long time! Now I feel (confident) than before! I (consider) myself (attractive) than other girls — I was very short and the (skinny) in my class, and they were (tall) than me.

TASK 11.

When I (grow up) I (become) a famous football player. If I (play) well, the managers (notice) me and I (sign) a contract. If I (be) lucky enough, it (be) a major sport club. As soon as I (become) rich, I (buy) a nice car and a luxurious apartment. Until I (achieve) it, I (practise) hard.

TASK 12.

If I (have) a million dollars I (buy) an opulent mansion. He (play) in the best team if he (have) a chance. You (invite) me if you (celebrate) your birthday on a yacht? I (not harm) a lot of people if I (have) superpower. If you (can) choose any place in the world, where you (live)?

TASK 13.

You ever (cook) any exotic dishes? We never (meet) before, unfortunately. He (work) here since last month. You (do) your chores yet? I (learn) this language for 2 months and still can’t say anything. We already (build) 2 houses.

TASK 14.

My friend (work) with me since last year. We (meet) each other 5 years ago and we (be) very close still. I (meet) him while he (study) at university. Next year we (open) a business together but I (be) not sure when exactly. I think we (save) enough money by the end of this year.

TASK 15.

Messi (be) a captain of Argentinian National Football Team since 2011. He is the (good) player of Argentina. Now he (play) for Barcelona. Messi (move) to Barcelona with his parents when he (be) just 11. And at 13 he (join) the Barcelona Junior FC. In 2016 a monument of Messi (be) erected in Buenos-Aires, but vandals (damage) it twice. Also, in 2013 a Japanese designer (make) from gold a copy of Messi’s foot. it (weigh) 25 kilos and (cost) more than 5 million dollars. Messi (have) a tattoo of his son’s name on his left leg.

TASK 16.

The (expensive) house in the world (be) located in India and (cost) around 1 billion $. Mukesh Ambani, India’s (rich) man, (own) the house. It (have) 27 floors and 400 thousands square feet of space. Also there (be) 6 floors of underground parking. It (be) built in 2010. Two architects from Chicago (design) it.

TASK 17.

You (want) to guess what is the (expensive) car in the world? A person who (desire) to remain unnamed, (order) it from Rolls-Royce last year. The car (be) called Sweptail and Rolls-Royce (build) it specifically for a customer, who (be) a collector of yachts. What the price (be)? About 13 million $. The car (have) seats for 2 people and the interior (be) handmade of the finest leather and wood.

TASK 18.

Robert Wadlow was the (tall) person in the world. His name (be) put in the Guinnes Book, and his height (be) 272 cm. He (weigh) 199 kg. However, his parents (have) a normal height and weight. Wadlow (be) born in 1918 in the US. His life (be) short, unfortunately. He (live) just 22 years.

TASK 19.

Jeanne Calment was the (long) living person in the world, officially. Her age (be) 122 years and 164 days. She lived (long) than her grandson! She (ride) a bike until 100 and (can) walk until 114. Also, she (smoke) until 116. Jeanne (say) that olive oil (help) her look good — she (rub) it on her skin to look (young) than her age!

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